Specialty Salads

*All Prices are Subject to Change

Fiesta Salad
Chopped Lettuce tossed with diced chicken, tomatoes, avocado, black beans, corn and green onions with a gulten-free Southwest Chipotle Dressing, Garnished with Tri-colored Tortilla Strips


Seafood Salad
Lobster, Dungeness Crab, and Shrimp served on a bed of salad greens with tomato wedges, olives and sliced hard-boiled egg.


Shrimp Louie
Bay shrimp, tomato wedges, olives and hard-boiled egg served on a bedof salad greens.
Small 10.25
Large 11.75
Crab Louie
Dungeness Crab, tomato wedges, olives and hard-boiled egg served on a bed of salad greens
Small 14.95
Large 16.50
Century Salad
Chopped lettuce tossed with diced tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, bacon bits and Century dressing.
Garnished with avocado, egg, olives & choice of grilled chicken breast or bay shrimp.
Chicken 11.95
Shrimp 10.95
Caesar Salad
Sliced grilled chicken breast with homemade croutons, grated Parmesan on a bed of Romaine Lettuce with Caesar Dressing. Served with garlic toast.
Chicken 11.95
Shrimp 10.95
Chef Salad
Ham, Turkey, Cheddar Cheese, tomato wedges, olives and hard-boiled egg served on a bed of lettuce.
Small 10.25
Large 11.95

Tuna Salad
Garnished with Asparagus Spears, tomato wedges, and shredded Cheddar . Served on a bed of lettuce.


Bartlett Pear Salad
Green Salad topped with Bartlett Pears, candied walnuts, blue cheese crumbles and Balsamic Vinaigrette


Tropical Teriyaki Chicken Salad
Teriyaki Chicken, tropical fruit and roasted almonds served on a bed of lettuce.


Blackened Salmon Caesar
Grilled Blackened Salmon on a bed of romaine lettuce sprinkled with grated Parmesan. Served with garlic toast.

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